THC, CBG, CBN & Terpenes

Let’s talk about cannabinoids for a moment. Our bodies produce endogenous (internal) cannabinoids called Anandamide and AG2. They are part of our endocannabinoid system which regulates our overall health. Sleep, appetite, pain, inflammation, stress etc.  That system wants you to be at peak health 100% of the time. It seeks homeostasis or balance with no red or yellow lights. Just all green and all systems go!

Injury, trauma, poor diet, alcohol, lack of sleep, and stress can lead to that system being overloaded and a breakdown in how well our body can cope or handle life’s issues. There is a clinical condition called Endocannabinoid system deficiency. If the condition isn’t addressed things can get worse and potentially lead to more serious problems.

THC is the most well-known cannabinoid. It’s a Phyto cannabinoid (from plants) CBD, CBG, CBN are all Phyto cannabinoids too, and they all come from the cannabis plant. The reason these elements are so beneficial to us is because the physical structure of these the Phyto cannabinoids closely mimic our own endogenous (endo) cannabinoids. In other words, they fill in where our body leaves off, or lacks the ability to get ahead of the pain, stress, sleep, etc.

There are more studies showing how other cannabinoids like CBG, cannabigerol, can positively affect our bodies. CBG is known as the mother of cannabinoids. In the lab CBG can be converted into all of the others including CBD, THC, and others.

CBN; cannabinol, is known as the sleepy cannabinoid. There are now tinctures, edibles, vapes are now available with CBN. It’s usually combined with CBD with a 1-1 blend or 2-1. THC is also excellent for sleep problems. The medical cannabis doctors generally recommend 5MGs of THC. When combined with the CBD/CBN, that’s an excellent alternative from Ambien or other prescribed sleep medication.

The CBN vape has an almost immediate effect. It works within minutes.

TERPENES are an integral part of the cannabis plant as well. Terpenes add as much as 20-30% to the weight of the flowers or buds. That’s significant! They add all the aroma and flavor to the plant and much of its medicinal effect as well. Fruity, earthy, piney, skunky… what you smell are the terps.

Each strain of cannabis has a unique cannabinoid profile and a terpene profile. This how and why one strain of cannabis might lift you up, and one might bring you down. The indica strains contain high levels of the myrcene and linalool terpenes. Very sedating, relaxing, couch lock. Think of indica… Think of ‘indacouch”. Sativa is the opposite, naturally elevating, uplifting and creative. These strains have a prevalence of Limonene and A-pinene.

There are several different terpenes and cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. Which strain works best is an individual treatment situation. Come into the store and get educated. Learn before you spend money on strains that don’t work. 

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